Tyres and Wheel Balancing Dandenong – keep your vehicle safe

When steering starts vibrating, and seat trembles its a sign that you need to head towards a tyre service center as inflated tyres can hamper the safety feature as they are extremely dangerous.

With the assistance of our skilled mechanics, the tyres are first scrutinized depending upon the level of the inflated tyre the matching equipment is used to mend it, for, e.g., During instances such as bald-tire the tyre is completely been replaced. There are all types of tyres available at service centers located at Dandenong and Noble Park.

Ensure Maximum Tyre life – Tyres Balancing Dandenong

Realigning is another important aspect of maintaining safety and keeping the balance uniform. If we find no uniformity in frontal and rear tyres quick action is being taken by exchanging them with each other. There are three chief elements upon which the mechanics of GTH automotive focus upon regarding tyres and wheel balancing:

  • Tyre puncture and repairing
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tyre replacement
Tyres and Balancing