Clutch Repair & Replacement Service in Melbourne

The condition of your clutch is not easily seen. Most people don’t know when they might need a clutch specialist service. A basic understanding of the clutch is necessary to point out issues in it. The main role of the clutch of the vehicle is to regulate the power transferred between the wheels, engine, and transmission. In manual transmission vehicles, there is a friction clutch attached between the engine and gearbox.

As clutches are subjected to extreme wear and tear due to frequent use, having a professional car clutch repair specialist diagnose the problem is essential. GTH Automotive in Melbourne has the expertise and tools to inspect and repair your vehicle clutch.

Clutch Repairs

What are the symptoms of a clutch failure?

Keeping an eye out for any clutch issues is necessary to get your vehicle to the auto repair shop on time. Some of the symptoms of clutch repairs are as follows:

  • A grinding noise while you shift gears can be due to a myriad of reasons, often because of not fully engaging the clutch. But a clutch which does not release can cause damage to the system. Finding the source of the noise can be tricky but is worth investigating.
  • If you notice your vehicle slipping between gears, it could mean that the clutch has worn out or there is an oil leak that starts from the crankshaft to the clutch plate. This makes it difficult to operate the gears.
  • A bad clutch might start feeling off and the feeling will be different from the type of clutch you are used to. It is important to not let the difference slide and instead investigate into the matter.
  • Like firm brake pedals, if your clutch pedals remain firm, it will be difficult to operate them. This could be due to a pressure build-up within the clutch.
  • A sign of your clutch overheating could be a burning smell. An overheated clutch will reduce its life span, damage the brakes, or wear out the clutch plate. This is a situation which requires immediate replacement of the clutch as the damage has been let to do its course for too long. Never let the situation come to this. Along with the replacement of the clutch, other components might have to be replaced as well.

Why It Is Needed to Replace or Repair Your Clutch?

If your clutch shows any of the above-mentioned symptoms, bringing them to a reliable auto mechanic to diagnose the issue as soon as possible is crucial. Clutch issues and failure will affect your driving, which might cause accidents if not dealt with immediately. It can also affect other parts of your vehicle, resulting in repairs for more than one component of your vehicle.

Instead of dealing with expensive repairs in the future and replacement of various parts of your vehicle, tackling with the issue by repairing or replacing your clutch parts immediately can save you a lot on repairs.

GTH Automotive for Affordable Clutch Repairs and Services in Melbourne

GTH Automotive offers the best-qualified technicians and mechanics at your disposal for all your clutch related woes in Melbourne. Are you slipping gears while driving? Are you facing issues while accelerating despite a transmission check? We got you covered. Call us on 9792 2196 for our services.