Brake Repair Services in Melbourne

Your car brake won’t abruptly stop working and make you fall off a cliff, like how they show in the movies. A more realistic scenario goes like this – your brakes get too slow to respond when you suddenly need them and that causes an accident. You cannot be faulted for thinking that you are to blame in such a situation because you were slow to press the brakes, but the reality is different. Such a situation could have been avoided if your brakes were in good condition with the help of regular brake repairs and maintenance.

Brake Repairs

The Importance of Brake Repairs for your Car in Melbourne

Everyone knows how important the brakes are. Yet, most people fail to judge when their brakes need repairs, even though their safety is at risk. Even when brake performance starts to falter, they will consider not repairing it until it stops functioning entirely. It is never too soon to get your brakes checked and repaired as it directly influences the safety of the passengers and should be in top condition. This maximizes safety and reduces the potential for injury in the case of an oncoming collision. That is why you should only trust the repair of your brakes to a reliable brake repair service centre that can do the best brake inspection and brake service for your car.

Is it time for a visit to the brake shop?

Here are a few obvious signs that a brake repair is needed for your car:

  • Screeching sounds when you brake: Screeching sounds indicate the wear of brake pads and the metallic parts are at risk of wearing out. This can affect the alignment of the vehicle and lead to further damage as well.
  • The car starts to pull towards one side when braking: Uneven pressure on wheels can result in quicker wear of tyres. Moreover, applying brakes in such a vehicle can sway it to the sides, putting it at risk of accidents.
  • Shuddering: If your vehicle shudders when you apply the brakes, it could a sign of your brake rotors being damaged. Sometimes, the shuddering can be felt on the brake pedals instead.
  • Spongy Brakes: If your brake pedal feels like it is sinking to the floor with less resistance, it could be due to a leak in the master cylinder. It is best not to drive your car until you get the issue checked out as it might lead to an accident.
  • Dragging Brakes: If the brake pedal does not come up after you have applied it, it could be an issue with the master cylinder or the booster. You might have lost pressure on the brake lines and will need to get them inspected.
  • Firm brake pedals: If you find difficulty in applying brakes, the cause might be a bad booster or a check valve. Mostly, insufficient vacuum is the cause of firm pedals. You might need to get the parts repaired, if not replaced, for better performance.
  • Burning smell: A burning smell while applying brakes is an indication of overheated brakes. Overheated brakes will damage the brake pads. It can also overheat due to a calliper piston seizing, causing the brakes to drag. Either way, it is best to get it checked immediately.
  • Brake warning light: The most noticeable way to know if there is an issue with the brakes is when the brake warning light turns on. This indicates that there is low brake fluid caused due to worn brake pads.

Get the Best Brake Pad Replacements & Rotors Service in Melbourne!

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  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake calliper replacement
  • Brake fluid replenishment
  • Brake rotor repairs
  • Brake service
  • Disc brake service

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